Mobile Future

Everyone knows the expression “time is money.” Starting in a few weeks, Fare/Share will be helping New Yorkers save a lot of both, launching a new mobile application that helps taxi riders in close proximity share a cab in the city. The new technology is free and should hit Apple’s app store in a few weeks.

According to Fare/Share’s analysis of numbers provided by the New York Taxi & Limousine Commission, 69% of cab rides transport single patrons, while one in four cab rides within the city could potentially be shared. For increased safety, Fare/Share allows users to rate travelling companions after each trip (dubbed “Fareness”) and offers gender-specific riding requests.

Additionally, the technology helps divide the cab cost based on the distance travelled by each rider, suggesting payment amounts that make sure riders don’t end up paying for the few extra blocks travelled by their companions.

(If you’re like me, and immediately longed for similar technology that could simplify splitting the bill at dinner—again saving time and money—then great news: there’s an app for that too!)