Mobile Future

Congressman Qik…

Congressman John Culberson has joined the mobile revolution and is currently utilizing his wireless device to stream video to his constituents.  On a related new media note, the Congressman from Texas is also blogging.  These are huge developments in the district of communications.

At a time when Congressional approval is at historic lows, looking for new ways to connect and communicate with Americans is the right thing to do.  With the Congressman  mobile broadcasting, he is allowing constituents to see and experience a typical day in the Capitol.  Congressman Culberson is also showing his colleagues that devices today can do more than just make calls and send text messages.  I applaud the Congressman’s efforts!

As the famous coach John Wooden stated, "Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do." On that note, I hope other lawmakers join Congressman Culberson and the mobile revolution.

Check out his mobile videos here