Mobile Future


To continue to feed my cookbook-buying habit without too much guilt, I always wait to go to the book store until Borders has e-mailed its weekly coupon. Martha Stewart has a new cookie cookbook and how could I have missed owning Chez Panisse Desserts?

Today, as I was printing out the coupon, I noticed that I could get them delivered to my cell phone. That’s brilliant! I’m always forgetting to print the coupon or I’ve left it in the pocket of my other coat or I somehow don’t have it when I get to the book store. Now that I’m all signed up to get the coupon’s delivered to my cell phone, I won’t have to decide whether to come back to the store with my coupon in hand or just pay full price. I’ll have the discounts in my phone for use at any time.

Another thing I’m really excited about is my favorite cooking web site,, has enabled the site so recipes can be easily viewed with a wireless device. That is so handy. Now , when I am at the grocery store and can’t remember what I need to whip up the rustic cabbage soup that site founder Heidi Swanson has dreamed up, I can just pull out my phone and check the ingredients list. I can’t tell you how many repeat trips to the grocery store this is going to save me.

I know there are many, many technologies out there that do far fancier things than look up recipes on the fly and I plan on experimenting with those services as time goes on. But the great thing about wireless is it improves life for everyone no matter their skill level or passions.