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24/7 Friend 411 from Facebook

Facebook’s meteoric growth continues as the social networking site celebrated their 250 millionth user this week.  Wireless is playing a key role in this revolution and will continue to be a significant source of growth as the mobile platform becomes the primary way folks access the internet.  Accordingly, if you’re Mark Zuckerberg, continuing to provide more functionality via mobile will only increase our addiction to Facebook.

On that note, I no longer have to constantly check for my friends’ status profile updates or stalk my friends’ profile pages (the old way to get updates before status feeds).  With Facebook SMS capability, I can now receive instant status updates about my pals 24/7, directly to my phone!  Although this is a new feature for Facebook, Twitter has had this functionality for some time.

In addition to simple status updates, the new service also allows you to "comment on your friends’ status updates directly from your
phone by replying to the text messages you receive" as well as enabling folks to receive "mobile updates from the Facebook Pages of your favorite
celebrities, public figures, businesses and organizations." With regard to fan pages, I believe this functionality will stimulate more interactions in those spaces, too.

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Additional note – Standard text messaging rates apply on Facebook and Twitter updates.