Mobile Future

25 years ago…

Friends, foes, competitors, partners all together in one room all at once with one common denominator…wireless technology.  But why are they all smiling?

October 13, 1983 at Soldier’s Field in Chicago the first cellular call was made in the United States.  The first network went live and while there was excitement in the air not a single engineer, executive or reporter could have imagined how that single call and new  service would transform the way the world works, communicates and lives.

Fast forward 25 years to the day.  It’s October 13, 2008, and now there are 266 million wireless subscribers in the United States.  It’s amazing what the passage of a little more than two decades can do.   This week, hundreds of us were in Chicago to celebrate the first cellular call 25 years ago and also for a celebratory kick off of the Wireless History Foundation (  The Wireless History Foundation is a virtual place to record the wonders of the technology, preserve and promote the history of wireless and to give recognition to the innovators and those that made the wireless communications revolution happen.

So they were all there that evening:  the Titans of the industry, the Who’s Who of Wireless, the Visionaries, the Pioneers of Wireless of Technology.  But why are they all smiling?  Silly question!