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3 Apps For A Productive Lunch Break

Lunch is an important part of the workday. It allows people to leave the office to improve energy and concentration by getting some fresh air, running errands or heading to the gym. Here are some useful apps to kick-start your productive lunchbreak.

CamScanner:This app allows users to scan and crop important work documents such as receipts, conference notes, and invoices via their smartphone while waiting in line for that turkey sandwich.

Zomato:Are you trying to find the perfect food place in between your business meetings? Use Zomato. With one tap, this app discovers places you can order food from by location, cuisine, and type of restaurant. You can also scroll through Zomato’s database of restaurant pictures, menus, directions, and reviews.

Quick Fit:Fit in a seven minute workout during your short lunch break. Quick Fit compiles high intensity interval training, yoga, abs, and full body workouts to keep you active during your busy day. This app even has voice commands to guide you through the exercises.  

Check out these apps to make lunch your favorite time of the day and get the most out of your break!