Mobile Future

4 Apps To Improve Your Morning Routine

Waking up isn’t easy. But with the help of these smartphone apps, you can wake up on the right side of the bed and get a head start to your day. Here’s to making getting ready and out the door easier!

Alarmy:Can’t get out of bed? Alarmy is the solution. Register a photo of an area in your house and once the alarm is set, the only way to turn it off is to get out of bed and submit a new photo of the registered area. 

Sunrise Calendar: This app can schedule one-on-one meetings from any messaging app by selecting available time slots in your calendar. To make it even better, this app syncs between all your connected devices, so you can view your calendar from anywhere.

Meep:While you are commuting to work, this app collects and narrates stories from your favorite news outlets and websites on topics you care about. You can even share these stories with your friends via Meep message.

Moovit:Hit the snooze button this morning? Don’t worry. Moovit finds you the quickest public transportation route to get to work on time. The app calculates when you will arrive at your desired location and notifies you when it is time to get off at your stop. Also, this app sends service alerts to your mobile device so you’re not waiting for a train or bus that isn’t coming.

Thanks to these apps, you can stay connected and productive in the earliest hours of the day. So rise and shine by starting your mornings with your mobile device!