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5 Apps to Help You Master Any Language

Digital learning apps are great tools to make learning more accessible, convenient and efficient.  These language apps keep you motivated—whether you are a beginner, a student or advanced language speaker. Whether you’re planning a vacation to the far reaches of the world or just want to brush up on your language skills, download one of these apps on your smartphone or tablet today!

Memrise – Improve your vocabulary through the use of “mems”, pictures that are associated with certain words. Memrise offers over 300,000 courses in 200+ languages.

Skritter – This app is perfect for those learning Chinese or Japanese that need to practice their characters.

Practice English Grammar – With this new iPhone app from Cleverize, brushing up on your grammar has never been easier with lessons that are available for students and native speakers alike.

Culture Alley– Take advantage of audio-visual lessons that are easy to understand and super practical. Culture Alley will give you all the phrases and vocabulary you’ll need to hold a conversation.

Duolingo app– An app as addictive and fun as the website, learning a new language can be done at your own pace.