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A Step In The Right Direction: Smart Shoes

Fifty years ago, Nancy Sinatra crooned “these boots were made for walking.” Today, those “boots” are being built to do so much more than walk.  Did you know that the average American owns about 19 pairs of shoes? With the Internet of Things guiding g everything in our lives from transportation to health, it isn’t surprising that smart shoes are next in the innovation queue. . With brands like Nike and Altra combining technology and footwear, wearable tech is transforming our lives from our head to our toes.

Nike has a new shoe coming out called the HyperAdapt 1.0 that incorporates  an exciting new  technology:  E.A.R.L. – the  Electro Adaptive Reactive Lacing system.  How does it work? Sensors in the shoes recognize that you have put them on and the shoes automatically laces  to ensure a perfect fit.

That’s not all. Similar to other  wearable tech items like  the FitBit, smart shoes can  also enhance a wearer’s performance. Samsung is helping create a shoe line called the Iofit for  golfers. Sensors in the shoes   connect to an app that gives  feedback on balance and posture during a swing, for example. The Altra-IQ,  meant for runners, gives real-time feedback on cadence and landing pressure. . Whether it’s a cool shoe that gives you the perfect lace-up or another that enhances  athletic performance,  wearable tech is revolutionizing how we dress our feet.

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