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A Pair of Aces: Social Technologies & Wireless

Jonathan discussed the great potential of social technologies and wireless last week.  I share his view and wanted to contribute a few more thoughts on this topic.

As many futurists know, I recently attended the NTEN conference in New Orleans.  At the conference, I had the opportunity to witness how many nonprofit organizations are utilizing wireless to augment their traditional fundraising or advocacy efforts.  NTEN attendees were also actively participating throughout the week using Twitter.  In fact, over 30 percent of conference attendees were twittering in New Orleans.

Inc. Magazine recently took a look at Twitter, a service that is thriving in the mobile universe.  Twitter allows you to blast short messages to many of your followers.  The only restriction is the 140 character limit on the “tweet.”

On a related note, Twitter utilization is different for everyone.  Many folks use it as a mobile social networking tool and arrange “tweet-ups” where you can meet your friends informally and on the go.  Many other twitter users broadcast updates about their latest blog posts and the Los Angeles Fire Department is even using it to do broadcast alerts.

Major candidates running for President also have a Twitter presence.  They seem to be utilizing it for GOTV during the primaries and overall updates from the campaign trail.

In any case, I look forward to highlighting other hot social technologies that can or are thriving in the wireless space.  We’ve only just begun…

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