Mobile Future

a “tipping point” for mobile games?

Malcolm Gladwell investigated what made things like Hush Puppies shoes or a virus "tip" in his best-selling book The Tipping Point.  The tipping point being that inflextion point (in the case of Hush Puppies shoes) of being a product of hipsters to becoming pop.  With that in mind, many folks in the wireless industry hope that games like Guitar Hero can lead a revolution and "tip" what has been a nascent gaming market.

As many futurists know, I was at the CTIA show (this past Spring) and I got to see Guitar Hero for blackberry in real-time. With a few taps of the QWERTY keyboard, you can jam away to some rock and roll classics.

Games offer huge potential for carriers looking to drive revenues in data.  However, up to this point in time, the market hasn’t quite taken off.  The mobile game developers are hoping that Guitar Hero could be the catalyst to set this market on fire.  According to M:Metrics, in a New York Times article, Guitar Hero for mobile is currently nineth among the top-selling games and there are some newer versions in the pipeline.  On a related note, Glu Mobile is looking to leverage the excitement for Batman and has a mobile version of the Dark Knight that is available to download.

Brickbreaker never seemed to do it for me and I often wondered if this was the best we could get on our phones.  I’m glad to see that as our devices have evolved, so have our games – ROCK ON!