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All I Want for Christmas: Connected Toys

Being a kid in 2016 comes with a whole slew of exciting and interactive tech. An added benefit of these connected gadgets is their educational value – from familiarizing kids with devices to introducing them to concepts of coding. social intelligence and creative thinking

Osmo is a game system that bridges the digital and real worlds. The iPad peripheral mirrors the camera lens toward a table, and allows kids to combine digital app-based games with real physical objects like blocks, markers and coloring sheets. Meanwhile  Mover Kit is designed to engage kids in coding. Kids build their own light up wearable, that changes colors according to activities kids program in advance. In the realm of robots, Cozmo is a connected toy that resembles a Pixar character. It’s a bot that kids can teach new activities by sending it commands via an app, such as picking up cubes or playing games.  And with Sphero’s BB-8 bot that connects to the new Force Band, kids can make their bot roll around with simple arm and hand gestures.

These cool connected toys, whether they’re educational or just downright fun, do a great job of keeping kids moving and engaged for hours of fun!