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Bytes: All-Star, All-Connected

Passionate coaches and players are always looking for ways to improve their game, no matter the sport. That’s one of the reasons why professional sports have been great at welcoming new tech into their games. Be they sensors or an upgraded staple, tech is bringing some exciting changes to 2017’s pro sports. Let’s take a deeper dive into just how.

For the first time, tech will be used for scouting college football players at the Senior Bowl. Catapult has trialed its tech in a variety of teams, but this year the tech company will be working to provide coaches looking for new players the most detailed information. Catapult is providing a tracker called the OptimEye S5 for players to wear. The sensor not only tracks speed and distance, but also how much energy a player is using throughout their practice or game. The goal is that by letting coaches see the usual fitness data in addition to how hard they play every minute, there will be a better understanding of each player’s performance. Wilson, the ball-maker, is also helping out in the effort to connect the Senior Bowl. Wilson will be bringing connected balls that can track distance, speed, and spin rate every time it’s thrown.

The Senior Bowl isn’t the only showcase looking to up their tech game. Just last year, Under Armour provided one of the Open golf tournament’s players with a prototype smart golf shoe. Since players can’t wear their fitness trackers in the course, the shoe kept track of the day for them instead.

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