Mobile Future

All You Need to Charge Your Phone? Your wallet.

When we leave the house in the mornings, we rarely walk out the door without our smartphones and our wallets. According to TIME magazine, 84% of people said they could not go a single day without their mobile device! The same isn’t the case when it comes to remembering our smartphone chargers. Only 11% of respondents say they carry a spare charger with them when they leave the house.

We’ve talked about how mobile payments may soon replace the need for a wallet, but what if it had another useful feature that made you keep it around?  In a recent article by Mashable, a new product is now available to keep you charged when you are on the move. Kyte and Key introduced the Luce, a wallet that charges your phone. It provides users with two full charges thanks to a sewn in Li-Ion battery and an ultra-thin Micro USB cable.

Given that our phones are our music players, cameras, alarm clocks, and essentially our lifelines- it shouldn’t matter if you are at a restaurant or on the train, you should be able to charge and check your phone anytime, anywhere.

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