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All You Need To Stay in The Loop About Pope’s Visit? A Smartphone

D.C. residents already know that Pope Francis’ anticipated visit to Washington begins today and runs through Thursday afternoon, with large crowds anticipated resulting in metro delays and road closures.  However, are you aware that you can connect to Pope Francis with just a few clicks on your smartphone?

Mobile clearly dominates the digital world, with 1.65 billion social media accounts accessed via mobile. The Vatican’s answer to that? The Pope App.  Launched in 2013, the app allows users to live stream papal events, stay up to date with @Pontifex on Twitter, and read his homilies and speeches. The Pope believes that if the church wants to stay connected in the modern world, it is vital for them to utilize digital media to engage with its followers. With more than 23 million Twitter followers, he is the most retweeted leader in the world.

To prepare for social media engagement during his U.S. visit, Pope Francis had his own set of emojis created. In addition, the #goodiswinning campaign is an effort directed towards millennials with the hope of further engaging America’s youth.  A team of digital experts will be monitoring the hash tag to decipher what is the most important to America’s youth when it comes to their faith and social justice issues.

The historic papal visit this week will showcase the Pope’s digital savvy and his ability to relay his message to the masses.  However, it also highlights the incredibly ways mobile connectivity is changing how we directly engage with the most influential leaders in the world today.

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