Mobile Future

All About the Apps

It was once believed the eyes were the window to the soul. But in today’s increasingly connected world, it seems smartphones have relieved a person’s blinkers from their tell-all duties. Thanks to the thousands of available mobile applications, one look at a person’s wireless device can offer up countless personality insights that the eyes alone are powerless to bestow.

In fact, in the whirlwind world of wireless technology, one of the greatest metrics of the industry’s unbridled innovation is that of the booming applications landscape. These days, there’s seemingly an app for everything, which makes it all the more remarkable that developers continue to roll out new applications daily that leave consumers wondering how they ever did without.

As a nod to apps’ importance and popularity, PC Mag has just released its Top 100 Free Apps of 2010, which profiles this year’s top downloads across six different smartphone operating platforms.

Interestingly, six short months ago, PC Mag released a similar list for 2009 primarily focusing on iPhone applications. But given the mass proliferation of smartphones across multiple platforms, PC Mag has shifted its content to reflect the diversity of the mobile marketplace.

So be sure to check out what apps are hot for you and your mobile device, and happy downloading!