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Bytes: Always be Prepared in Cold and Flu Season with Mobile!

Here we go! Time to hunker down with mugs of hot chocolate, crackling fires, and cozy sweaters. The colder weather, however, also means the advent of the dreaded cold and flu season. Don’t fret — download these mobile apps to help you take care of your health in the new year.

FluView: With the official flu app from the Center for Disease Control (CDC), view the severity of flu outbreaks in your state based on color coding. Notifications ensure you know when you need to up your germ battling game.

Sickweather: You are able to see exactly what’s going around with the Sickweather app. Using social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, Sickweather alerts you when you enter a sick zone – areas where others have recently reported being sick. It alerts you to the flu, Norovirus, Pink Eye, Whooping Cough and 19 other illnesses.

ZocDoc: If you do get sick, and want to streamline scheduling a doctor’s appointment, then this is the app for you! ZocDoc matches you with doctors in your area – read real reviews, book appointments instantly, and starting battling that nasty cold!

Home Remedies: If you are sick with a mild cold or something you believe you can handle at home, the Home Remedies app is perfect! Whether it is lemon and honey tea for a cough or ginger in tea for a sore throat, the Home Remedies app provides you with easy pick-me-ups.

Stay healthy with mobile while enjoying the winter season!