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Americans Consume Far More Mobile Services At Most Affordable Rates, New Global Study Says

Today, Mobile Future and Roger Entner of Recon Analytics, released a new report, What’s It Worth To You? Comparing Wireless Pricing in 14 Countries.   The analysis finds that Americans consume more than five times the wireless services at more affordable rates than those in key countries around the world. 

“Never has it been cheaper and more affordable for Americans to take full advantage of all that mobile connectivity has to offer,” Entner said. “Putting both voice and data spending together, Americans pay more than $4 less per month on mobile communications than they did three years ago, all while enjoying faster speeds and increased utility through more applications and tools.  That is a remarkable value given the exponential growth in recent years in U.S. mobile Internet use.”

Among the key findings of the report, the United States is:

  • #1 in Overall Value: From 2007 to 2010, consumer spending on wireless voice and data combined has dropped more than $4 per month.  
  • #1 in Lowest Per-Minute Costs: U.S. consumers get significantly more “bang for their buck” with one minute of average work earnings buying 19 minutes of talk time – nearly four times more than the second most affordable country, Finland where one minute of work buys 5 minutes of talk time.
  • #1 in Mobile Voice Usage: In 2010 Americans talked 875 minutes per month on their mobile devices—more than the next two most talkative countries combined—Canada (375 minutes) and Israel (360 minutes).
  • #1 in consumption: Americans consume more wireless minutes, messages and data than anywhere else while paying less than nearly all the countries surveyed.

“American consumers are leading the world in embracing the mobile future, and the value they receive for their hard-earned dollar is the envy of the world,” said Mobile Future Chair Jonathan Spalter. “This is a testament to the intensely competitive nature of the U.S. mobile marketplace and the untapped potential that still exists to create jobs and move our innovation economy forward if we take the right policy steps today, particularly in the spectrum arena, to continue the rapid expansion of the mobile Internet here in the United States.”

To read the full statement, go here.