Mobile Future

An Apple for the teacher… and the student

It’s like clockwork. Each year as summer winds down, students across the country bid adieu to leisurely days and late nights to once again populate the hallowed halls of their various educational institutions. Only this year, some students are nixing the traditional textbooks and trading up for a more dynamic alternative: the iPad.

New technology—developed by Inkling to turn textbooks digital—is more interactive than platforms offered by traditional screen readers to date, allowing educators to highlight and leave notes for students in the text, administer pop quizzes, and even utilize 3D figures to better explain complex concepts in areas like science and math. Similarly, students can leave commentary for their professors and share notes with peers. And with the iPad maxing out at mere 1.5lbs, a full day of classes is no longer an exercise in manual labor.

While some question the cost of requiring iPads for class—the most basic model still starts around $500—proponents of the technology note the cost of physical texts is surging past $1,100 annually at many U.S. colleges and universities. Additionally, Inkling’s technology allows students to download single chapters at a time (which is extremely cost-effective, especially if teachers want to pull certain chapters from various textbooks to offer the best possible curriculum).

If the price of going digital is comparable to that of paper texts, adopting the iPad for school seems like a logical step. Happy learning!