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Android Rules at CTIA

CTIA’s fall Enterprise and Applications show has come and gone and as far as smartphones are concerned, the verdict is clear—the Android platform is the most popular choice for the upcoming iteration of smart devices, serving as the chosen operating system for 12 of the 14 phones unveiled at the show.

From Fierce Mobile Content:

Nonetheless, Android’s meteoric growth curve is undeniable: According to comScore–which bases its figures on monthly surveys of wireless phone users–Android’s share of the U.S. smartphone market has exploded from 2.5 percent in September 2009 to fully 20 percent in August of this year, the most recent month of available figures. That’s right: In just 11 months Android has grown from virtually nothing to a fifth of the U.S. market.

No doubt, these stats are impressive. But true to industry form, competition gets the last word in Fierce’s report.

The Scorecard continues:

However, Android will face serious challenges in the months ahead. Specifically, Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 platform launched just this week, and manufacturers including HTC, Samsung, LG and Dell support the platform. Further, Hewlett-Packard is likely to soon refresh Palm’s webOS platform, and Nokia (NYSE:NOK)–the world’s largest handset maker–is refocusing on Symbian and, soon, MeeGo smartphones. A Verizon Wireless (NYSE:VZ) iPhone might also help stem Android’s progress.

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