Mobile Future

Another Chance to Go Green with Mobile

Conveniently, our smartphones are with us all the time, so eco-minded tips are always only a click away. Going green with mobile goes beyond just saving paper by not printing important documents or messages as much anymore. There are so many great apps to live a greener lifestyle. To start, check out these sustainability apps:

iRecycle: Do you ever wonder if last nights’s pizza box should be recycled? This app tells you what, how, and where to recycle materials. Also, it finds recycling facilities near your current location. Thanks to iRecycle, now you know that pizza boxes are not usually recyclable!

EcoChallenge:Are you up to the challenge? Engage in a battle with your friends on who can reduce their carbon footprint the most. This app will lead you to a more sustainable life by participating in daily games and getting fun facts about helping the environment.

JouleBug:With tips and how-to videos on how to go green, users are able to view stats on how sustainable you become over a period of time. Go a step further and share results with your friends on a live feed. You may not be the only one proud of your accomplishments!

Mobile apps are any easy and efficient way for us to live more environmentally friendly. Which one will you start using?