Mobile Future

Apps for Auto’s

The spotlight is on Toyota, Ford and General Motors for their plans to release a slew of apps that connect their latest models with the power of the mobile internet.

Toyota’s new in-car system, Entune, allows drivers to access the popular websites Pandora, Bing, OpenTable and MovieTickets on their vehicles dashboard with the help of their smartphone.

SYNC Destinations, a new app from Ford, provides drivers with pertinent information before they hit the road.  The app offers real-time traffic updates for selected routes, suggestions for alternate routes based on current and expected traffic conditions and turn-by-turn directions.  SYNC AppLink, also from Ford, allows drivers to use various apps on their smartphone through voice commands and controls on the steering wheel.  The app even reads Twitter updates to the driver!

OnStar, the General Motors car safety and communications service, now lets drivers access the system from their smartphone with the MyLink Mobile App (as featured in this commercial) and has begun to allow drivers to update their Facebook status through voice commands!  

As Gartner Inc. analyst Thilo Koslowski stated in this Wall Street Journal article,

     “Internet-connected autos will be among the fastest-growing segments in four years.”

Good thing, since we can’t wait to experience this amazing technology for ourselves!