Mobile Future

Attention Already Shifting to 5G

As Mobile World Congress continues this week, we are already seeing reports on how 5G is well on its way to becoming our newest and fastest technology.  In just a few short years, we will see faster speeds, lower power usage, better reliability and a fundamental change in the way we connect to the things around us..

Even though 5G isn’t expected to be available until 2020, the industry is already working to define what the technology will look like and how it will affect consumers and connected devices. Here’s what we expect:

– According to the mobile industry group GSMA, 5G’s top speeds will be about 10 gigabits per second, 100 times faster than 4G.

-Sensors and connected devices will reach beyond the consumer and provide near-instant connection speeds for machines running everything from smart cities to remote surgery..

– By the time 5G is deployed there will be 50 billion connected devices – seven devices for every person- according to Cisco Systems Inc.

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