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Baseball Fans Score Big with Wireless Innovation

Wireless tech could be making its way to a ballpark near you, turning America’s favorite pastime into a more innovative-and connected- experience.


As InformationWeek reported, connected baseball equipment could make bad calls a thing of the past as baseballs, bats and gloves are equipped with wireless sensors.  Error-free officiating isn’t the only example of the possibilities M2M tech unleashes in ballparks; the Washington Nationals’ ticketing system has gone wireless. Through the Nationals’ Ultimate Ballpark Access fans can use smart cards to enter the ballpark and, beginning this year, purchase items from concession stands.

What do some baseball fans love more than baseball itself? Tweeting. According to this new infographic by digital marketing firm Silverpop, the Yankees are the most social team in the MLB:

baseball twitter

Image via Readwrite, check out the infographic here.