Mobile Future

Be Extraordinary!

Here at Mobile Future, we try very hard to find and highlight ways to change the world via wireless technologies.  We’ve covered lots of mobile-social applications that allow citizens to augment their journalism, protect their health, or even engage lawmakers.  In the non-profit arena, mobile is seen as a new, convenient way to encourage charitable donations.  However, what if you could empower the millions of Americans who want to volunteer but don’t have the time, to take a few idle moments of their day and partcipate in micro-volunteer opportunities?  The Extraordinaries seek to do just that – turn ordinary free time into extraordinary social impact.

The Extraordinaries, co-founded by Jacob Colker and Ben Rigby, seeks to transform volunteerism by delvering on-demand mobile volunteer opportunities.  Essentially, delivering "skills-based volunteer tasks to people whenever and wherever they are available by mobile phone."  For instance, perhaps when you are sitting on the bus, you could tag a few pictures for the Library of Congress or identify craters on Mars for NASA.  Not only can you help out our government, you could give back to the community.  For example, identifying potholes for your municipality or helping someone with their resume.  The opportunities are boundless.

Here’s their 90 second video…  Be Extraordinary!