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Beauty + Wearables = New Health Solutions

According to the CDC, skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the United States.  Current statistics show that one in five Americans will develop skin cancer in their lifetime.  Luckily, wearables may be a powerful new tool to combat the disease.

While L’oreal is not really the first name that you would associate with tech, that’s all, changing now. Earlier this year at CES, the beauty giant introduced its first foray into the world of wearables with the My UV Patch.  The stretchable sensor goes on your skin and monitors your UV exposure. With the help of your mobile device, you can then tell how much UV exposure you are subjected to at various times of the day.  The patch can be worn anywhere on your body, lasts up to 5 days, and is waterproof, so once available later this year, this will be a must-have on the packing list for tropical vacations

The My UV Patch is the first of ten expected wearable devices from the beauty line. Last year, we saw plenty of fashion giants head into the world of wearables with smart jewelry, connected workout gear, and even couture fashion on the runway. Now it seems like it’s the world of beauty’s turn.

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