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Black Friday Deals: It All Starts on Your Mobile Device

Arguably, there is no better time of the year to go shopping than the day after Thanksgiving, better know as Black Friday. According to IBM, last year holiday sales via mobile grew by 87%. And why not? It has never been easier to shop on your mobile device for anything and everything, making holiday shopping for everyone on your list a breeze. More importantly, 47% of those who have shopped with mobile said that they prefer to use an app over a browser for convenience and speed. We agree! Here are our 5 favorite Black Friday- approved apps:

RedLaserThis app is a must have because it is available on Apple, Windows, and Android so you can compare buys and purchases with everyone in the family. This app scans an item’s bar code and compares prices at thousands of other online retailers as well as local walk-in stores.  Use the app to track your favorite products, receive notifications, and make purchases!

PeeqPeeq– Although many of our favorite retailers are emailing us long before Black Friday, we all find ourselves sending those promotional ad emails to junk. This app collects and organizes all of those emails in an easy to use catalog. You can bookmark ads as you please and share with others easily by categorizing your favorites.

Black FridayThis is our favorite Black Friday-specific app because of how much it allows you to do in advance.  As you recover from your Thanksgiving meal food coma, receive alerts for breaking Black Friday deals first, ensuring you find the best deals before the rest of the crowd. Use the wishlist to save your favorite deals and stores in advance for easy access to deal updates fast!

PounceThis app allows you to take a photo of any product that you are interested in and buy it from the retailer’s website with just a few clicks. The app saves all of your information and works with major retailers such as Urban Outfitters, Lord and Taylor, and Target—all of which are notorious for great holiday deals and steals.

Happy (mobile) holiday shopping!