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Blackberry and Obama - still attached at the hip

Noted in the media as an addict for his personal device, President Obama has arguably done more for Blackberry than any marketing prodigy could be capable of doing, promoting the device as an absolute necessity and telling CNBC in an interview that "security officials would have to ‘pry it out of my hands.’"  

According to CNN reports, "like previous Oval Office incumbents, Obama had been expected to take a vow of technological celibacy following his inaugural oath on Tuesday". Will President Obama’s rally for change transcend into his personal technology arena?

OF COURSE! Contrary to White House and Secret Service concerns, the president will be allowed his technological fix while in office. CNN says, "According to reports Thursday, Obama could now be in line to receive a spy-proof alternative to his favorite toy".

Teamed with the National Security Agency, General Dynamics has produced the ‘Barack Berry’, a spy proof, tap proof, hack proof version of the President’s favorite handheld.     

But before you attempt to add President Obama to our PIN contacts, the Secret Service won’t let President Obama use the instant messaging feature on the device. Shucks…