Mobile Future

Bond. James Bond.

Fourteen years ago in Goldeneye, Pierce Brosnan used a mobile device to race his Z3
through a parking garage.  As evidence
that yesterday’s fantasy is today’s ho-hum reality, here’s how the September 14,
2009 issue of Fortune began a
profile of the 50-year-old CEO of Zipcar

Scott Griffith enters the parking lot outside his
office in Cambridge, Mass., pulls out his iPhone, and taps a button on the
screen. Suddenly a yellow Mini Cooper starts honking like a crazed goose.
Griffith approaches the vehicle and taps the
screen again. The doors magically unlock, and under the steering wheel the key
dangles from a cord. He starts up the car — nicknamed "Meneus" — and drives
away at a rate of $11.25 an hour. 

Your mobile phone still won’t help against Uzi-toting bad
guys.  But now that apps make car rentals
a breeze, this advance probably won’t be far behind.