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Boo! Halloween Mobile Apps for You!

Looking to make the most out of Halloween this year? From apps that provide a Halloween countdown to apps that help you safely locate the houses handing out  candy in your neighborhood, you will super prepared for a safe, fun and candy-filled  Halloween with these mobile apps:

Halloween App: Find everything you need to get in the mood for Halloween with this app. From ringtones to wallpaper to  trivia, and even a countdown, this  app is designed to inspire the Halloween spirit.

Nextdoor: Easily find the houses handing out candy in your neighborhood. Nextdoor helps you and others in your neighborhood connect and communicate safe routes and the best locations to get lots of candy on Halloween!

Glympse: Does your tween want to meet up with friends and go trick-or treating?   If so, this is the app for you. Glympse allows your trick-or-treater to share her  location with you through Facebook and Twitter, allowing for quick check-ins and parent peace of mind.

With these apps, you should be prepared to celebrate Halloween in spooktastic fashion!