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Bras: The Next Wearable Tech

Calling all ladies! A few innovative tech companies are turning a wardrobe staple into a health monitor.

One company, Bloomer Tech, is creating sensors that are fitted  into bra lining. The sensors monitor women’s cardiac health via heart signals and other biometrics. The information is then sent to both the wearer’s mobile device and her doctor. Heart disease is the number one cause of death in women – Bloomer’s bra solution hopes to provide the data and knowledge to change that.

The iTBra is embracing technology to detect breast cancer.  The bra, currently in trials, monitors breast cell temperature and, over time, analyzes the data. The data looks for irregularities that could signal cancerous cells. The iTBra proved in the initial trials to be even more accurate than the mammogram!

Then there’s the OMbra which is currently designed as a fitness-tracking sports bra. The creators are planning to transition its heart rate and breath monitors to features that will alert wearers when they’re experiencing too much stress or shortness of breath.

Smart bras are the next thing to watch in wearable tech. It is easy to see why. Women wear them every day and they lie closest to our skin, providing consistent and accurate information. Another example of the transformative power of wireless technologies!

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