Mobile Future

Bringing the Web to the Small Screen

A long, long
time ago – about a year, actually – the mobile web was still in its relative
infancy.  Even many highly trafficked websites couldn’t be accessed easily from
a mobile phone, as technology firm Bango confirmed last

Fast forward to
today. Nearly 40 percent of mobile sales are smartphones and one in five
Americans use the mobile web every day.  As a result, writes Roger Cheng in recent Wall Street Journal article, companies are increasingly looking to
expand their mobile offerings:

people spend more time on their cellphones, many companies are considering
taking their message boards, user forums and blogs to mobile devices…. The move
to mobile isn’t without challenges [because] different phones, screen sizes and
platforms create headaches for site

But that’s a
problem which R&D is already solving, as programmers benefit from the
steadily increasing power of mobile phones.  For users, this is yet another sign
that the mobile web has truly come of age.