Bytes: Happy 21st, Telecom Act!

February 10, 2017

This week, the Telecommunications Act of 1996 turned 21. Wow, have things changed! For starters, the Internet as we know it looked quite different back then – less than one-fifth of U.S. households were connected to the Internet.

And smartphones? Not only did they not exist, only 16 percent of Americans had mobile phones! Today, smartphones are revolutionizing the way we navigate life and the app economy is booming.

So, what’s next for the Act that initially was written to encourage competition in the telecom industry? A new piece in Recode examines the future of a telecommunications policy that facilitates the growth of the Internet. Although we don’t know if there will be a full rewrite of the Act, we do know that stakeholders and policymakers are mapping out what’s next and and identifying priorities, including the transition to 5G.

Twenty-one years s a long time in the world of technology as new and exciting mobile innovations are being introduced at the speed of light thanks to technologists everywhere. Here’s to continued progress and a thriving mobile future ahead!

To learn more, click here to read the full piece on Recode.