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Cavalier Green: Virginia celebrates Telework Day

Virginia turns even
greener than the Shenandoah today. Governor Tim Kaine issued an Executive Order
establishing today as Telework Day to cut down on auto

We’ve written
before about wireless’ ability to contribute to a greener world (see
here, here and here) and telework is an obvious
area where mobile technology can make a difference.

In 2008,
gridlock cost the average rush-hour driver almost 40 hours a year in delays and
wasted 2.9 billion gallons of gas.  At $2.50 per gallon, that works out to
nearly $25 for every American.

Since the
Northern Virginia area has some of the nation’s
worst traffic problems, telework is a common-sense option to save time and help
the environment.  That makes expanding broadband
adoption an even more
important public goal.