Mobile Future


Change has been a big theme this year.  It helped propel Obama to the Democratic nomination…  However, there is something bigger happening here that will spill beyond the 2008 campaign and into the policy arena.

The most recent and glaring example is the continuing conversation regarding Obama’s decision to text folks his choice for VP.  As Seth Godin taught us, when you build something remarkable, people will talk about it.  This was remarkable and people are still talking about the decision to utilize SMS to inform the citizenry of this important decision. 

As Brian McConnell (GigaOm) discussed, the functionality of the text effort may not have been perfect but the marketing was brilliant.  In addition, he went on to discuss the numerous ways that the Obama campaign can leverage those contacts in the final months of the campaign.

One area he did not mention was the potential impact beyond the campaign.  Win or lose, the Obama campaign is building a powerful database that he can use next cycle.  Can you image the result of an Obama-led initiative from the White House (or even a cause if he loses in November)?  He’s got a lot of power…

The Triple O threat has already changed marketing forever and we are excited to be working with companies that are a part of this multi-pronged digital strategy.  It will be exciting to see who can use these tools beyond the campaigns and in the policy battles in Washington.