Mobile Future

Cisco Projects The Future of Mobile

Cisco’s newest Visual Networking Index is the latest study predicting mobile industry trends and projected growth. The forecast looks at mobile data usage across the globe and predicts 11.5 billion mobile-ready devices and connections by 2019, which represents a 4 billion increase from 2014.

In the United States, mobile will continue to become an even bigger part of our lives in the next five years.  American consumers can expect that by 2019:

–          Mobile data traffic will increase 7-fold, three times faster than U.S. fixed IP traffic

–          90% of total mobile data traffic will be over a 4G connection

–          Tablets will account for 17% of total mobile data traffic

–          75% of mobile data traffic will be video

–          There will be more than 639 million mobile-connected M2M modules

–          M2M traffic will grow 49-fold

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