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We’ve talked a great dealabout utilizing social technologies on your wireless device here atMobile Future. In fact, it is really hard to keep up with all theapplications that can be used today and the ones being developed fortomorrow.

As many of you know, I recently returned from the National Conference for Media Reform. The conference had around 3000 people in Minneapolis over the weekend and lots of panels (on a wide array of topics).

Withregard to media reform, I do not follow the policy discussionsregarding this issue. However, it was interesting to hear some of theattendees talk about it over the weekend. Aside from the specifics andthe debate about it, wireless provides a way for folks to make mobilemedia. One can now conduct an “on the scene” interview or record anevent in realtime and truly be a “roving reporter.” For instance, Ihave used Utterz (one of our members) to do interviews and “mini-mobile podcasts” to enhance my media.

Citizenjournalism is important and your wireless device allows you tosuper-size your usual blog entries. In some instances, it may allow youto “scoop” traditional media too – especially at the local level. Anexample would be documenting an accident before all the traditionalmedia outlets can cover it.

The tools to make your own media are in ur hands. Start participating!

Related Citizen Journalist note –

An article in TechCrunch last week revealed that Qik will be supporting Windows Mobile devices.

Qikis an application that allows you to live mobile broadcast and providesa place to archive those mobile videos. I use it to do my mobilebroadcasting… More info on the Qik/Windows Mobile news at TechCrunch.