Mobile Future

Class supply list: #2 pencils, spiral notebooks, cell phones…

A growing
group of educators consider cell phones the "Swiss Army knife of education"
because they can be used inside or outside the classroom. Teachers across the
nation are using "cell phone learning" to strengthen the connection between
what’s learned in the classroom and its application in life. A Spanish teacher
gives oral quizzes via cell phone; another has students take photos with their
phones on field trips; yet another asks students to use their phones to
chronicle their use of calculus in everyday life.

the traditional view that cell phones should be prohibited – in fact many
schools have policies banning cell phone use on school property – many school
districts are amending policies to allow cell phones for instructional use. Joe
Jenkins, chief technology officer at Natomas Unified School
District, says it’s about engaging students on their
level, "They want to use cell phones. They want to text. They respond to it." 
And as innovation expands, technology — and its applications – are finding a
place in core  curriculum. 

A recent article in the The Sacramento
explores leveraging cell phones for learning.