Mobile Future

CNN’s Look At Possible Spectrum Crunch Solutions

The final entry of CNN Money’s series on spectrum this week explores potential solutions to the spectrum crunch that is threatening mobile innovation and a high-quality wireless user experience.

The author came up with four fixes:

– Employing cell splitting techniques to reuse spectrum

– Utilizing existing spectrum more efficiently

– Relieving network congestion using Wi-Fi offloading and tiered service models

– Allocating more spectrum for mobile

Millions of Americans are embracing mobile broadband, as shown by the explosive consumer demand and more than 100% growth in data traffic over the past year.  The mobile community has responded with continued investment and innovation, already employing many of the remedies mentioned in today’s article.  Unfortunately, those steps won’t be enough for long. Policymakers are working to reallocate more spectrum for mobile, but the spectrum clock is ticking and 300 million wireless consumers will be the ones possibly left in the lurch. We need to keep moving to ensure continued investment, innovation and vast consumer benefits in the mobile space.

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