Mobile Future

Color Your Cell Phone Green

For mobile users who made a new year’s resolution to be more green-friendly, here’s some good news:

Standardized mobile phone chargers are almost here! These will recharge your phone through a micro-USB connection and work with multiple phone brands.  The result: less waste and hopefully consumer savings.  The chargers will be available in Europe early this year.  Count on them coming to the U.S. later this year.

It’s never been easier to donate your phone to a worthy cause. There’s and, which provides old phones to victim services organizations.

It’s also never been easier to get cash for your phone. Best Buy, Radio Shack and all offer easy ways to get quick cash for that old handset.

As New York Times tech columnist David Pogue wrote about this issue Sunday, “There are steps you can take now, and there is some hope for longer-term change.”  

Happy New Year!