Mobile Future

Competition in the wireless industry? We think so

Today, during its monthly meeting, the Federal Communications Commission released its annual Mobile Wireless Competition Report, which analyzes the state of competition in the mobile industry and, for the first time, also includes information about the broader mobile ecosystem. In contrast to previous versions of the study, the FCC officials who prepare the Mobile Wireless Competition Report did not issue a judgment on the wireless industry’s effective competitiveness, but instead left it open for the Commissioners’ interpretation.

While the Commissioners’ opinion varied, Mobile Future Chairman Jonathan Spalter issued the following statement in response to the assessment of competition in the wireless marketplace.

“The innovation that defines today’s wireless sector is unprecedented. The bipartisan, light-touch regulatory approach of the past two decades has fostered competition that has resulted in the world’s lowest per-minute voice wireless prices, largest 3G customer base and most varied and innovative applications and device markets.

“We applaud the Commission for taking a broader look at the wireless sector but it’s hard to understand given all the facts and data in the record why it chose not to conclude that wireless is competitive. American wireless is an extremely vibrant sector that is helping to drive economic recovery, job growth and investment. Going forward, we urge the FCC to recognize this thriving sector while maintaining a policy climate that continues to encourage competition driven above all by consumer demand and the vision of innovators.”

You can read more about competition in the wireless marketplace here.