Mobile Future

Bytes: Computer, One Latte with Extra Foam

Do you like coffee? Do you need coffee? If so, you are among 54% of adult Americans who love their Cup of Joe. Luckily for java junkies, 2017 is shaping up to be an epic year to revel in the intersection of technology and coffee.

Starbucks has a storied history of embracing mobile technology: coffee shops are Wi-Fi hotspots, it has its own mobile-payment app,the company even teamed up with Pokémon Go to make Starbucks across the nation Pokéstops and gyms. Recently, the Seattle-based caffeine giant added a new feature to its app called My Starbucks Barista. Embracing one of the biggest mobile tech trends, voice assistance- the new feature allows users to place voice orders directly to My Barista. So whether you want to order hands free, or avoid hassling with your complicated drink, My Barista is there to help.

The coffee industry as a whole also has been working to introduce technology to the ideal espresso experience. Startup Coffee Ripple and the dating app Match recently teamed up to create a pop up coffee shop. There, customers ordered lattes with 3D-printed images of other singles on their drink foam. And hardware startup Spinn has come up with a connected home coffee machine. In addition to brewing a mean Cup of Joe, the coffeemaker connects to your mobile so you can get that pot brewing before your feet hit the ground. Here’s to a brighter mobile future with coffee in one hand and our mobile device in the other.

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