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Connected Devices Let You Train Like An Olympian

The 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio are well underway with Team USA dominating the competition. All eyes were on the U.S. women’s gymnastics team this week as they snagged the team gold for a second Olympics in a row.  As fun as it to watch Michael Phelps swim to victory or see Simone Biles do her signature move on the floor—are you sitting there wondering how can you workout like them?

Well, here’s a start. A new article in Vcloud News highlights some of these connected devices used by Olympic athletes:

Halo Sport– This device helps athletes during training by stimulating the part of their brain that stores information and helps us learn better. The process is called “neuropriming” and athletes use this device help get their brain in the right mindset for them to perform at the highest level. It doesn’t get cooler than this!

VERT– Used by our national women’s volleyball team, this wearable uses information and analytics from jumps to determine safety and injury prevention. This device is worn either on the waist or can be hooked on to an article of clothing.

WHOOPThis wearable helps measure an athlete’s strain and the consequent time period needed for recovery. Fan-favorite swimmer Ryan Lochte raves about this product. The device helps athletes create better training plans and prevent injuries in the long run. How does it work? The device finds and processes data that indicates the level of strain on an athlete’s body.

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