Mobile Future

Cracking the Code to Our Mobile Future

The Wall Street Journal recently called coding a “child’s key to unlocking the future.”  The article highlights a father/son duo with a new video game featuring a race across America in a taco truck, born out of the son’s Saturday programming lessons from his father (himself a video game designer). This family combination is rare— kids are usually the ones teaching their parents how to use a computer, operate a smartphone, and how to code.

This highlights a question that is frequently on my mind—how do we get more kids  coding and turning their ideas into reality? There is no simple answer to this question, but there are a lot of resources available to get started. Multiple coding initiatives across the country offer free classes to people of all ages, such as Codenow, GirlsWhoCode, BlackGirlsCode, YesWeCode and CodeEd. Additionally, many schools are acknowledging the power and importance of technology by incorporating computer science classes into their curriculum.

The need for more computer science and technology training is on the rise. According to, there will be one million more computer jobs than students by 2020. Empowering children and adults with the ability to code will prepare them to fill those jobs. As technology and innovation continue to fuel multiple sectors of our economy, coding is truly a key to the future.

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