Mobile Future

CTIA Kicks Off with Discussion of “New Era” & BlackBerry App World

CTIA Wireless 2009 kicked off this morning with keynote speakers discussing the way toward, what T-Mobile’s CEO Robert Dotson described as, “a world in which we move freely but remain connected to the people and things that matter most to us.”

CTIA’s President & CEO Steve Largent has fully transitioned from pro-receiver to head cheerleader for the industry, alleging that 94% of the 270 million wireless users are satisfied with their service. Both Largent and Dotson highlighted the leading role the $148 billion wireless industry can play in driving economic recovery in the U.S. and global market. Dotson also banged the drum for Broadband expansion, accurately describing its deployment as “the great economic equalizer.”

In his remarks, Ivan Seidenberg, Chairman & CEO of Verizon Communications, proclaimed that, “wireless is about to enter a new era, where wireless will connect everything.” His excitement about growth potential was clear. So was his confidence that, as consumers increasingly use and rely on multiple devices, the industry will penetrate 500 percent of the population. 

Seidenberg also outlined key public policy goals for the industry, chiefly:
1)    No new taxes
2)    Light regulation
3)    Further growth and investment

BlackBerry’s President & Co-CEO Mike Lazaridis unveiled the highly anticipated App World. Lazaridis mentioned a few notable apps, including one called “PrimeTime2Go” (coming soon) that will allow users to watch favorite TV shows on their own individual schedules. Think DVR in your hand.
A bit of star power was provided by Bono and Edge. The duo made a cameo appearance, via video, during Lazaridis’ presentation to talk about BlackBerry’s music-playing (and storing, sorting, & sharing) capabilities and the ways mobile devices and applications are allowing fans and artists to connect.

The largest number mentioned this morning: 1 billion. That’s how many text messages were sent in 2008…three times the amount sent in ’07.

Contributed by Brin Frazier.