Mobile Future

Cut Lines & Save Time with Mobile Shopping Apps

According to a new survey by Cisco, more than half of shoppers are using mobile retail apps while shopping. Shoppers want convenience at their fingertips, and mobile shopping apps are ready to fill that need. Whether you’re in line at a fast food restaurant, in-store looking to find items or compare prices, or trying to skip the hassle of standing in line completely by using mobile payments—odds are your smartphone can help you simplify and accomplish these tasks. This survey explored expanding innovative mobile shopping concepts and found that a remarkable amount of shoppers can’t get enough.

As the survey highlights:

  • 55% of shoppers use retail apps while shopping.
  • 57% of shoppers expressed interest in virtual reality apps to learn more about product reviews and/or ingredients.
  • 60% of consumers would use smartphone check-out, which would allow them to scan items while shopping and pay at self-service checkout.
  • 77% of consumers would like to see digital signs that display wait times at each checkout line.

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