Mobile Future

CWA Supports Open Incentive Auctions

This week, the Communications Workers of America Union (CWA), sent a letter to Acting FCC Chairwoman Mignon Clyburn and her fellow commissioners urging the FCC to move forward with an open and competitive incentive auction. An open competition process will allow for continued investment, innovation, and job creation in the wireless industry, efficiently allocates additional spectrum to support the deployment of LTE networks for consumer use, and will help maximize auction proceeds.

In the letter, CWA says that bidders who were able to compete in auctions without restrictions generated the most revenue and the auctions assigned spectrum to the providers who put it to the most efficient use for the American public.  Analysis has shown that if spectrum limits were put in place for the 2008 auction, revenue would have been reduced by 45 percent.  If the upcoming incentive auction rules limit participation by any bidder, it may reduce auction revenues and put funding for the U.S. Treasury and FirstNet in jeopardy.

The letter also asks the FCC not to establish a special set of rules for low-frequency spectrum. Research has shown that low and high-frequency spectrum are both suitable for deployment of 4G LTE networks and that wireless carriers do not require low-frequency spectrum in order to compete.

An open and inclusive auction is key to reallocating much-needed spectrum to commercial mobile use.  As we regain a full slate of commissioners at the FCC next week, wireless spectrum and the incentive auction must continue to be a top priority.

To read CWA’s full letter, click here.