Mobile Future

DC’s homeless give going mobile new meaning

The Washington Post reports on how DC’s homeless refuse to fall behind the curve on mobile technology. Strikingly high numbers of the homeless have taken to the use of cell phones, joining the rest of world in the creation of a dependency on wireless communication.

According to the District’s homeless advocates, up to 45 percent of those living on the streets own or have access to cellular phones, and view them as an absolute necessity to live amongst the homeless community of the twenty first century. The technology also allows family members to stay in touch with their loved ones.    

Bridging the technology gap for DC’s homeless allows those on the streets to stay on top of housing applications, jobs, and their ability to keep track of their food stamps. The speedy development of wirless technology has made basic cell phone communication cheap and accessible to those without credit or home addresses.  

Why stop at the cell phone? Recent trends also reveal that more of the homeless are capitalizing on free access to public computers to create email accounts and even blog about their lives on the web. As the opportunities associated with technology and internet networking are obvious, these patterns are exciting and progressive for DC’s homeless population.