Mobile Future

“Dude, Where’s My…Phone?”

Long gone are hours spent retracing steps and digging through cushions, trying to answer the one question we find ourselves asking far too frequently, “Where is my phone?!”

Thanks to Verizon Wireless’ new mobile application Mobile Recovery— which works much like Apple’s MobileMe: Find My iPhone service– the search for your mobile device is over!

Mobile Recovery employs several useful tools to locate, retrieve, and protect a lost phone. For example, the “Sound Alarm” feature triggers an alarm to sound, even if the phone is on silent or vibrate mode. And if we were so forgetful as to leave our phone at a restaurant or in a cab, the “Locate Phone” feature uses GPS to find the address of the phone’s location and provides turn-by-turn directions to retrieve it. You can also remotely lock and erase contacts to secure your privacy.

In addition, MobileMe for iPhone recently has been updated to be accessible via mobile Safari on iPhone and iPod touch. So the next time you have another “uh-oh” moment and can’t find your phone, simply grab your iPod touch or a friend’s BlackBerry and rest assured that your phone is just a click away!