Mobile Future

E911 as in Earth 911

As a telecom veteran, E911 usually brings to mind public safety and the ability for emergency personnel to locate someone in trouble. But the folks at Earth 911 put a whole new twist to E911.

The site’s goal is to give everyone information on local resources to recycle everything from consumer electronics to all those cans of paint gathering dust in the garage. The site is a treasure trove of resources both broadly on environmental issues, as well as more specific advice, such as its eight tips on responsible use and disposal of technology.

I was curious what the "Act Locally" search would yield for my neck of the woods. The
tool brought up a link to many resources and programs within Montana, such as the Alliance for the Wild Rockies, Department of Natural Resources Conservation and The Montana Material Exchange, which connects organizations that have materials they need to get rid of with organizations that can use them. That program keeps things out of the landfills, saves on disposal costs, and allows us to better help each other and the environment. 

That led me to notice the sister site, for businesses, Earth 911 for Business. This site offers GreenGuides" that offer tips to green your business, such as how to conduct a waste assessment and create an office recycling program. As an entrepreneur, I am always looking for ways to save money and keep my dollars for growing business. The site has some no-nonsense advice for reusing materials, cutting down on energy costs by just shutting things off when they are not in use, and investing in products that reduce energy costs and last longer.

There are too many tips to list here, but I highly recommend this site for anyone looking to find ways for a greener life.